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Master of the Monsters;

never give up, never surrender..

Countess Integral Fairbrook Wingates Hellsing
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Formerly ad_interim's Integra, currently used for post Romancia (Hellsing's last chapter) hypothetical future where she does become a vampire as Seras and, specially, Alucard/Dracula seemed to want (the ending left her answer as ambiguous, beyond sealing AlucardxIntegra).

♠ Name: Integral Fairbrook Wingates Hellsing.
♠ Series: Hellsing.
♠ Alias: Countess. Formerly Iron Maiden, Master, Protestant Swine, Beautiful Fräulein, etc.
♠ Age: Over 50 years old, changes her age at will (Usually in her 20s).
♠ Gender: Female.
♠ Species: True Nosferatu (new species after Alucard's transformation). Man. Formerly Human.
♠ Country: England.
♠ Hair colour: Blonde.
♠ Eye colour: Blue. Changes to red. She used to wear an eyepatch (but due to lack of icons no more).
♠ Skin complexion: Tanned.
♠ Job: Vampire hunter, retired leader of the Hellsing Organisation, Royal Protestant Knight and Chairwoman of the Round Table.
♠ Likes: Cigars, tea, knights, jolly good English things & reading.
♠ Dislikes: Failure, traitors, usurpers, religious conflicts, terrorists.
♠ Pities: Monsters.
♠ Family: Abraham van Helsing (ancestor, deceased), Arthur Hellsing (father, deceased), unknown mother (deceased), Richard Hellsing (uncle, deceased. Killed by her own hand), Count/Voivode Vlad Dracula III aka Alucard (spouse).